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Individual Counseling

There are many reasons to seek therapy. All of which are courageous. 

  • You could be recalling childhood trauma that you are ready to process.

  • You could be dealing with changes in life that are overwhelming you.

  • You could feel as if you are lacking direction and motivation.

  • You could be dealing with disordered eating.

  • You could be a parent that simply wants someone to help give their child the best skills to cope.

Just know that here at Embolden Counseling Collective PLLC we strive to empower our clients through therapy.

Reach out to us today and make the step towards healing.

Ciera offers counseling to individuals 10 years and up.

Merrissa offers counseling for individuals 13 years and up.

Victoria offers counseling to individuals 13 years and up. 

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