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Back to School Tips for dealing with anxiety

Back to school time can bring on all the feels. The joy and the wonder that come with the new year approaching. If you or your child is nervous with the thought of the new things, here are a few tips to help.

Photograph courtesy of En Pointe Photography

1. Bring up times in the past that your child has tried new things and it has worked out.

Remember when you tried sushi, and you loved it? Assisting your child to recall the fact that they have done this before, helps them discover that they have this strength.

2. Normalize the apprehension.

Let them know that even you get nervous before doing new things. I am honest with my kids about my feelings. I don’t want them to think they have to bottle up their emotions and not feel. I want to be their safe place. In order to create this safe space, connect with them. Share a story about when you got nervous and overcame it. Connection is key.

3. Emphasize the good.

I love learning. I love getting immersed in a new book and getting seemingly transported into a new world. Inquire with your child, what is the thing that they love about school? Even if it’s lunch really play it up. Pack a special lunch, put a cute note in their lunch box to make it even more special. Tell them to focus on the things that make them happy at school. Give them a little homework to be a detective and look for more things you love about school.

Back to school, trying new things can spark fear but if we teach our children to approach this fear through the eyes of a detective and learner, they just might discover great new experiences.

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