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Beauty Revealed in the midst of covid- 19

Right now, we are surviving a pandemic. In a time like this you might find yourself struggling to maintain a sense or normalcy in a world that is the furthest thing from normal. The things that you might have done previously to feel beautiful, might be hard or impossible to access right now. Your standing lash appointment was undoubted cancelled. Your new hairstyle is now done by you. Your favorite nail stylist might be offering press on nails mailed to you, but it is up to you to glue them on correctly. All these sanctuaries where you went in your most vulnerable state and came out with your head held high are now closed.

What do you do if you find yourself looking at the blank canvas that is you and feeling underwhelmed with what you see? The fresh edge up or hair color that was your signature now stripped away without warning and leaving you bare. The thing to do is discover your natural beauty. Stand in the mirror- Do not look at things that you want to change. Look at the things that you are grateful to have. I remember when I was sixteen, I was embarrassed to be seen without my makeup. I will never forget what a friend said to me, he said “all that is the extra, it is you that is the canvas.” It took me awhile to receive that message. No matter what extras you are accustomed to adorning your body is the canvas. The beauty is YOU.

Take this time to really appreciate the beauty of your natural canvas. It is the foundation in which your stylist builds upon. Take this time to celebrate the differences that you might have previously just covered up. Find the most beautiful part if your body and add to your list of favorites as frequently as possible. Take this time, even if it is just a few minutes out of your busy day to learn to love the skin that you are in. After all this skin has been with you your entire life. This body is surviving a pandemic and is worthy of being appreciated and celebrated.

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